Branding, what needs to be removed to be legal safe?

Suppose one wanted to fork this open source project, it is clear it needs a different name and logo because VyOS™ is trademarked, that’s understandable. But some things are not clear.
LICENSE.artwork says:
“Self-built images can be freely distributed, but only if you replace the branding with your own,
that is, replace all artwork files that contain the VyOS logo and all end-user-visible mentions of the VyOS name.”
Can you provide the location of all such files - “such as data/live-build-config/includes.binary/isolinux/splash.png” - “such as” suggests it may not be the only one, don’t want to miss others if there are any.
Does “vyos” in file names, package names, default username have to be replaced too as end-user-visible - or does it mean only literally “VyOS” (case sensitive) and not “vyos” (lowercase)?
Does this also apply to “vyatta”? It also exists in some package names, and is trademarked by Brocade and now Ciena.
Please make it more clear, as legal issues like this can be a minefield - thanks!