Build a HA BRAS with BYOS

Hi someone has build a BRAS with HA on vyos ?
Can you share an exemple of config please or a scheme
Thank you

Hello @Mohamed_El_Bouddunti, many people usually deploy 2 or more BRAS on L2 network (for PPPoE BRAS) and PPPoE Clients connect to the BRAS which first replies.

And for user synchronization we just need to use the same radius server between the two bras ? And If the first bras down the client will be connect automatically to the second with the same pppoe credentials it’s correct ?

Yes, all correct. You need to use the same RADIUS server/servers for both BRAS.
VyOS also supports advanced balancing feature based on pado-delay.

set service pppoe-server pado-delay <delay> sessions <bumber>

But the problem I can just use I public IP.
I connected behind and ISP for PPP service with a /30 he forwarding to my bras all request finishing β€œ@MYCOMPANY” in this case I can only reply with 1 bras
Do you have an solution ?

I think in this case you need to use clustering

vyos@vyos# set cluster 
Possible completions:
                Interval after which a node is considered dead after missing heartbeats (milliseconds)
+> group        Name of resource group for clustering [REQUIRED]
+  interface    Interface(s) for sending/receiving heartbeat packets [REQUIRED]
                Time interval between heartbeat packets (milliseconds)
   mcast-group  Multicast group for sending/receiving heartbeat packets
                Interval after which a monitor node is considered dead (milliseconds)
                Pre-shared secret for authentication between cluster nodes [REQUIRED]

Or VRRP with transitional scripts and enabling pppoe server on some interface.
Tell me if you need additional explanation.

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Thank you for this informations do you have recommendations for a radius server on linux ?
I have try freeradius but I have missing table like accounting