Building VyOS saggita for arm64 device

Hello everyone! I’m trying to build vyos “sagitta” for my arm64 device following the instructions at: Build VyOS — VyOS 1.5.x (circinus) documentation using Docker. Everything goes until the installation of the “vyos-xe-guest-utilities” package, when it says the package is not found. Please help!

i have also same problem. i hope you will find the solution and share with us.

Hi, I found this problem building Sagitta.

I worked around it by commenting out that package in data/build-flavors/iso.toml ( I’m not building for XE)

…but still getting issues
If you look at repositories/sagitta/pool/main/v/vyos-xe-guest-utilities •
You’ll see that the binary package only exists for amd64, but not for arm64… whereas it does for the previous release:
repositories/equuleus/pool/main/v/vyos-xe-guest-utilities •