Cake for QoS - 100/40 connection with VoIP, realtime video streaming etc?


I saw there was a commit recently to add Cake support to VyOS:

This is the same as this one, right?

How exactly does one go about enabling this in VyOS?

Is this suitable for a home 100/40 Mbps connection?

We also have VoIP, and do some realtime video streaming - how would I

Or do I need something else to take the traffic with DiffServ/DSCP markings, for example?

I’m trying to find online how VyOS does QoS, and how to prioritise traffic - there doesn’t seem to be that much recent. I took a look at the wiki, blog post and Reddit post, ). However, still confused =(.


Links mentioned in parent post (I can only post 2 links):
Blog post

this Reddit post