Call for Moderators

Hello, Community!

We calling for moderators for forums!

Among other things,moderators will participate in

  • forum structure development and management
  • discussions with devs
  • will be part of coordination team(for correct bug addressing and corresponding task creation in phabricator)
  • free beers projects on VyOS meetups
  • other

Join us now!

Sure, I can help. I did the same thing on the old forums.

I am on here nearly every day at least once. I would be glad to help remove the excess spam. It is beginning to annoy the hell out of me lately with all the spam.

I can help as well, both researching anti-spam measures and remove any that gets through.

Hi guys,
Sorry for late reply. You are all moderators now, thanks for the help you offer!

When you click on the poster’s name in a thread, in that page you can see “Use Goodbye Spammer on this user” link. You can use it to ban a user and purge all their posts at the same time with that plugin.

Thanks a lot. The spam was really annoying.

I don’t see ‘Goodbye Spammer’, but can we take a look at the configs? The commercial offerings section is just ridiculous. Is there a way to force new posts in that forum to filter through the mods?

I’d be happy to help - I’ve subscribed to most (or all) of the forums for new posts and see the crap appearing quite quickly (like the 2 a moment ago that annoyed me :)).

I’d be very happy to help.
Maybe writing a clear set of rules, that have to be accepted while registering would help as well.

Updated original post,
we still need moderators from community.
not sure if we should create localized forums as well

Hi, how are you guys

I’m here because I’ve been thinking about contributing. Maybe here, in the spanish section or in the wiki. testing, idk. I really would like to contribute

I’m an IT guy, experienced network engineer, CCNP certified, hobbyist c/c++ programmer but i haven’t done much programming since a good deal of time. My native language is spanish and live in latin america gmt-4

I’ve used the platform since it was vyatta in some small deployments and at my soho but recently wanted to use it in a lab (eve-ng) for tessting and practicing and by chance had a look to a post where you were calling for contributions, so, I’m here

I just wrote a direct message, I think to you @admin, asking to join the team :slight_smile:

Hello all, I am David.
I know this is not related thread, but wanted to introduce my self on this platform as i am a new member. Hoping to get help from all of the members in future.

I would love to do this! Big fan of Vyatta and VyOS from its original days, and been using it for over 10 years now! In all its forms too!

done! you now moderator, enjoy :slight_smile: