Can Debian/OpenWRT software be installed on VyOS?

I have never used VyOS before, and I want to try to use this routing system recently. I checked many documents on the VyOS website, and it shows that the LTS version needs to be compiled to get it. In addition, I would like to ask, there are some plug-ins that can be used on OpenWRT (also support Debian), I want to install them on VyOS, can it be realized?

Hi Kelvin,

Could you be more specific in what you would like to do?

Installing openwrt stuff is probably not going to work, but there might be alternatives for what you want.

Thank you very much for your reply. I recently came to China, but due to well-known reasons, China has a GFW (firewall), and I cannot access Google, YouTube, Facebook and other websites. Install Socks5 proxy software like Clash on the terminal or router, GitHub project: GitHub - Dreamacro/clash: A rule-based tunnel in Go. ,(technical principle is somewhat similar to VPN, but not exactly VPN), in order to achieve access across GFW Google these websites, and then, I also checked a lot of information on the Internet. I found that OpenWRT is better supported in this regard, but I don’t like to use OpenWRT. I was in HK before and felt that OpenWRT was not stable. I want to find a long-term Stable routing system, after configuration, you don’t need to spend time and effort to set it up. I have done network maintenance work before. I have used Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Ruckus, Aruba, H3C and other network devices, open source routing systems, and OpenWRT\OPNsense\Pfsense, but I haven’t used VyOS very much. Recently, I I also DIYed an X86 computer host (CPU is i5-12600T, NIC is Intel X710). According to my research on the Internet, many people say that VyOS is very good, it is a very good open source routing system, and it is also very stable. Therefore, I really want to try to learn how to install and use VyOS. The only requirement is to install the plug-in Clash on VyOS (there is a version based on Debian) and use it smoothly. Both mobile phones and computer terminals can access Google, YouTube

On that case, you could install clash on vyos using the docker container from Docker

With a bit of config you will probably be able to route traffic through it.

See: Container — VyOS 1.4.x (sagitta) documentation

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Thank you very much for your quick reply, yes, using Docker installation is an alternative that I have considered, because I want to install this Clash function plug-in on the system more directly, so as to better play its performance, so , came up and submitted this question.
Anyway, thank you very much for your reply and help.

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