Can not set passive-interface within ospf

Hello and TIA for responding.

With Ver 1.4-rolling-202307120317

set protocols ospf passive-interface ethx fails with error

Invalid value
Value validation failed
Set failed

The interface in question is present and functional.
tab complete @ set protocols ospf passive-interface doe NOT show any interfaces. It only shows “default”. !!!


You can use this command to make the interface as passive:

set proto ospf interface eth0 passive

For more details, refer the documentation:

I see,
It was moved to that location on the tree.
Thank you srividya.

Do there exist some kind of release log for each nightly build who are moving stuff around?

Or is it just “poke around and find out”?

You can find some changelogs here.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

That link should exist on the homepage where the rolling releases are published.