Can someone recommend....


Can someone recommend and describe the setup of application that I can use to monitor bandwidth usage over a long period of time?

I’ve been using Vyatta for a while now to separate testing environments from my production environment. Recently, it was asked of me to monitor the amount of bandwidth used over the course of a month. I’ve looked as SolarWinds’ Bandwidth Monitor, but it only works in 60-minute ‘chunks’. I’ve also looked a Bandwidth Monitor, but it only works on Windows. I’d rather not setup a Windows Server box with RRAS just for this.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Vyatta/VyOS is the only Linux on the network. Everything else is Windows on the LAN-side of this environment.


You could use vnstat:

It is simple and text based, but i like it a lot.


Thanks! I’ll take a look. Know of any that use SNMP or NetFlow/sFlow and can collect for more than a month at a time?


Ntop/ntopng maybe?


Hello jcoburn.

I made zabbix-agent commands for VyOS.
My follower installed this command on VyOS 1.0.4.

Alternatively, Cacti maybe helpful.