Can’t access tty USB_Drive

Motherbord: GIGABYTE GA-N3050N-D3H
USB-Flash and USB-drive(Transcend TS8XDVDS-K)
VyOS 1.1.7 (

before, without a problem, installed on Motherbord GABYTE GA-C1037UN by a drive for USB. And now the motherboard is not more available, and I bought another one GIGABYTE GA-N3050N-D3H! And for some reason I can not establish an error occurs.
BIOS is updated and set the LEGACY mode. Through SATA-drive normally installed, it is the image okay.
what could be wrong?
This command does not produce anything : “cat /live.log”
[color=#ff0000][size=small][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]/bin/sh: Can’t access tty; job control turned off[/font][/size][/color]
Picture link:

most probably image just don’t have drivers for storage controller of your new motherboard

Thank you!
I’m so used to be engaged in, integration, for Windows OS.
Is there any way to integrate into the image of VyOS?

in 1.1.x most probably not
try 1.2 betas from here
and see if it boots

Yes, well, I downloaded and create an installation USB flash drive! The image of the new Vyos(vyos-999.201609230235) has a different menu, it has a point of installation, but nothing happens when I press. So it should be?

I have problem like this on both version 1.1.8 & 1.1.7. If i use image in, i can install VyOS in my system. But i found some bug in image still developing so i want to use stable version. How i can fix it? Thank you & Sorry for my English