Can we implement below scenario with Vyos

Hi Guys,

I have attached my proposed diagram and would like to achieve redundancy between two links at two sites. Just would like to know if I can do the same with Vyos? With may be Wan Link balancing or any other dynamic protocol?

The scenario I have is I have two sites currently have connected through IPsec tunnel configured on firewalls. We are proposing MPLS or may be P2P link between two sites. So if you see in the diagram I am going to put the link on Vyos Router and MPLS is going to be my primary path. If the MPLS goes down routes for and will automatically be routed through firewall thus will have IPsec tunnel comes up as a redundancy.

Can some one please suggest me ideas here?

Just use ospf on both routers and GRE over IPsec. You can peer with MPLS PE routers directly from VyOS (just use BGP, OSPF or whatever).

Make sure your OSPF design will be plausible regarding LSA propagation. Eg read MPLS: OSPF sham-links – cyruslab