Can we upgrade to 1.4 from 1.2 directly?

Hi Team,

Wondering if direct upgrade is possible for vyos from 1.2 to 1.4 directly or we need apply upgrade it gradually? i.e. from 1.2 to 1.3 to 1.4

I tried out, I had a lot of running 1.2 and can upgrade directly to 1.4

Install a new 1.4 and copy the config file from 1.2 and load the config.
The migration script should be work, if an error occurs please post it here, we will find a solution :slight_smile: don´t worry

Thanks for the suggesting - In fact being a cloud instance I can not install new instance since I have multiple tunnels and can not change my public IP. Hence looking for direct upgrade.

BTW load the script you mean copy and pase the into new one? Or is there any command I am missing which would load the configuration is I keep file on new instance.

Got it -

Possible completions:
  <Enter>                               Load from system config file
  <file>                                Load from file on local machine
  scp://<user>:<passwd>@<host>/<file>   Load from file on remote machine
  sftp://<user>:<passwd>@<host>/<file>  Load from file on remote machine
  ftp://<user>:<passwd>@<host>/<file>   Load from file on remote machine
  http://<host>/<file>                  Load from file on remote machine
  https://<host>/<file>                 Load from file on remote machine
  tftp://<host>/<file>                  Load from file on remote machine

I believe this should work, right?

Hi, here a little vbash script, you can execute this also directly per cli.
the script do a little bit more, convert to config file in to set commands, if it needed, could be removed.

this is the migration script you can execute this an the new vyos, so you can check if the migration works
/usr/libexec/vyos/ /home/vyos/migration/VYOS/config.boot

source /opt/vyatta/etc/functions/script-template
/usr/libexec/vyos/ /home/vyos/migration/VYOS/config.boot
cat  /home/vyos/migration/VYOS/config.boot | vyos-config-to-commands  >> /home/vyos/migration/VYOS/merge.config

Where is that I do not see on my installation.

you must execute this on Vyos 1.4 or higher