Cannot ping to loopback

Hello guys,
I have a question for connectivity between cisco and vyos
2 router are in BGP peering and I made a loopback interface in vyos.
Cisco could get this route but can’t reach to it

This is a configuration and each routing table

set interfaces ethernet eth0 address ‘’
set interfaces ethernet eth0 hw-id ‘00:50:56:aa:2b:e3’
set interfaces ethernet eth1 hw-id ‘00:50:56:aa:c8:9b’
set interfaces ethernet eth2 hw-id ‘00:50:56:aa:ad:24’
set interfaces loopback lo address ‘’
set protocols bgp address-family ipv4-unicast network
set protocols bgp neighbor address-family ipv4-unicast
set protocols bgp neighbor ebgp-multihop ‘5’
set protocols bgp neighbor remote-as ‘50812’
set protocols bgp neighbor update-source ‘’
set protocols bgp parameters log-neighbor-changes
set protocols bgp parameters router-id ‘’
set protocols bgp system-as ‘64666’
set protocols static route next-hop
set protocols static route next-hop

routing table of Vyos

vyos@vyos:~$ show ip route

S>* [1/0] via, eth0, weight 1, 01w6d21h
C>* is directly connected, lo, 00:16:58
C>* is directly connected, eth0, 01w6d21h
S>* [1/0] via, eth0, weight 1, 6d20h34m

routing table of cisco

NR-IB-VEN-B2-01#show bgp vrf vrf-mngmt neighbors routes

 Network          Next Hop            Metric LocPrf Weight Path

Route Distinguisher: 1:1 (default for vrf vrf-mngmt)
*> 0 0 64666 i

S* [1/0] via is variably subnetted, 2 subnets, 2 masks
C is directly connected, Port-channel1.4000
L is directly connected, Port-channel1.4000

This is weird, even if cisco get a bgp route, but I cann’t see any route in routing table.

I captured the packet in vyos but couldn’t see any ping packet

Devices are not connected directly… Router in the middle knows the route for address?