Can't build Squid3 on 1.1.8



I know the community already fully focus on 1.2.0, but since we have lots of legacy 1.1.8 versions in production, so I still want to ask some questions about old version.

We are preparing to enable ssl_bump for squid3(webproxy) in 1.1.8, but unfortunately, squid3 on 1.1.8 doesn’t support it, we need to recompile it from source by ourselves. We met the problem during package dependency building like below:

sudo apt-get build-dep squid3
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
Note, selecting ‘libcap-dev’ instead of ‘libcap2-dev’
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
libcap-dev : Depends: libcap2 (= 1:2.19-3) but 1:2.19-3+vyos1+helium2 is to be installed
E: Build-dependencies for squid3 could not be satisfied.

it seems “libcap2” has vyos specific version like “1:2.19-3+vyos1+helium2” which stop normal dependency building, does anyone know how to rebuild squid3 from source on vyos? thanks in advance.

best regards.


Current Squid stable is 4.3…



Squid maintained version 3 and 4 two main tracks at same time…, but this is not the reason I made this post. I actually already made Squid3.5 working on vyos 1.1.8, but lack of package management, I also tried to build squid3.5 deb on 1.2.0 rc2, it turns out that deb can’t be installed, since vyatta-webproxy depends-on squid3.4 only.

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