Can't remove interface from DHCP client

Currently using 1.3.0rc6, configured one interface to act as WAN side and get its address by my ISP’s DHCP server:

set interface ethernet eth6 address dhcp

Recently I decide to move my WAN port to another interface, eth12, so I did:

delete interface bridge br0 member interface eth12
delete interface ethernet eth6 address dhcp
set interface bridge br0 member interface eth6
set interface ethernet eth12 address dhcp

Everything is fine after that, eth6 is working as a part of bridge, but when I type show dhcp client lieases I see both interfaces in the DHCP client list, eth6 and eth12. Seems like the old interface is stuck somewhere, rebooting didn’t help.

interface  : eth12
last update: Mon May 9 12:18:55 MSK 2022
expiry     : Tue May 10 12:18:55 MSK 2022
reason     : BOUND

interface  : eth6
last update: Mon May 9 11:48:21 MSK 2022
reason     : PREINIT

Hi @zedalert , can you try to remove eth6 from bridge → commit → assign fake static IP address on eth6 → commit and then check the result? If eth6 removed from the DHCP interfaces list, then remove that fake IP address and add it back to the bridge.

Tried this, additionally with different combinations of commands trying to force dhcp client to forget about eth6, but with no luck. I think this command show dhcp client leases shows all previous (and even non-actual) dhcp interfaces, since any active dhcp client interface change it’s last update timestamp everytime time it renews it’s address or send a renew request. But that old interface doesn’t change its timestamp, only shows the last time it was renewed, that’s all. So no other impact on the configuration, everything works like it should, except showing misinformation about the dhcp client.

hm seems like a bug for now, maybe you can check with a more fresh releases to see if the issue repeats?

Added the latest 1.4.0 rolling, switched to it and since it was clean image config was loaded correctly, only eth12 was shown in the dhcp clients list. Tried to reproduce the bug and again I see eth6 as the part of bridge and a non active dhcp client at the same time. Removed 1.3 and added it again to reload config from the scratch to avoid this bug for now.

Thanks for letting know that it’s same result in 1.4.

For the reference: ⚓ T4425 Hide DHCP leases from interfaces without active DHCP client

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