Celebrating August's Community Contributors!

Hello VyOS Community!

Let’s set the stage ablaze with applause! :clap: Today, we’re shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes of our incredible VyOS community – those remarkable members who’ve soared above the clouds, guiding and innovating, ensuring our community thrives and thrives in the month of August!

Without further ado, let’s give a thunderous round of applause for these outstanding contributors who have dedicated their time, knowledge, and passion to help others in our community:

@Apachez :beer:
@roedie :beer:
@16again :beer:
@acosgrove :beer:
@echowings :beer:
@kevinriahi :beer:
@kyle :beer:
@Netboy3 :beer:
@tjh :beer:
@jagekurt :beer:
@tomcat667 :beer:
@pepe :beer:
@giga1699 :beer:
@hcuk94 :beer:
@I-n-d-y :beer:
@JeffWDH :beer:

These individuals have been spreading knowledge, and lighting up the path for others. Their dedication and willingness to assist have made our community a better place.

But let’s not stop here! :stop_sign: Every contribution, big or small, counts, and we appreciate each of you. Whether you’ve asked questions, shared your insights, or simply offered encouragement, you’ve played a vital role in making our community thrive.

So, here’s to you, our community members, for being the heart and soul of this space. :tada: :star2: Let’s keep the positive energy flowing, the questions coming, and the solutions shared. Together, we can achieve greatness!

Thank you all for making August a fantastic month in our community. Let’s continue this journey together and make September even better!

With gratitude and admiration,
The VyOS Team


Thanks very much, but we can’t forget the hard workers who write the code and make the magic happen :slight_smile:

Hey @tjh,

You’re absolutely right, our talented team of developers and contributors are the backbone of VyOS. Their dedication is truly remarkable! :raised_hands:

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Absolutely every name here deserves the applaud they are our Teachers!!! I personally learned a lot from this forums about networking in my past the other platforms like *sense just tells you click tickboxes and save and voila it works but you never learn any concepts cheers to the whole family