CentOS Compatible?

I see in supported platforms RedHat is coming soon. I am using CentOS. Is vyos usable in CentOS right now?

If not is there an ETA?

You can use libvirtd/KVM for deploying vm in centos.
How do you imagine installing the debian based system on centos?

That’s a good question. I’m in new territory here. I haven’t done anything on the network side in six years.

I got a few ips from my isp last week so now I have to figure out how to connect them to my network so the engineer can connect them to the software. I want to keep things as simple as possible.
I’m running a bare metal server behind NAT.
Less is better for me.

My mentor told me to use vyos so here I am.
Someone on freenode #networking told me to use nmtui

I have docker installed and see debian image available. What were you thinking? How does Debian come in the equation?


If you use centos and CPU is supported virtualization technologies, the best solution would be installing libvirt. And on virtual machines try different schemes with vyos. If all fine and it resolve all your wishes, maybe you want to install VyOS to baremetal.

Download any rolling release and try that system. I think it solves 95-99% of your networking needs.

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Awesome thank you so much!