Cgnat pool usage indexing

I am using vyos as pppoe server with cgnat. Its working fine. Having issue right now. Currently now way to select which external pool to consume first. There should be indexing for external pool to consume

As I remember it has the “sequence” CLI node after the pool settings.
But probably doesn’t work, need to test.

Or use 2 rules, available in the latest rolling

ok I will check. I need to cgnat on one internal pool with multiple external pools according to indexing

Makes sense as it is RFC-6888 requirements
I added CLI options for it, but probably forgot to integrate it by codebase.

REQ-3: The CGN function SHOULD NOT have any limitations on the size
or the contiguity of the external address pool. In particular,
the CGN function MUST be configurable with contiguous or non-
contiguous external IPv4 address ranges


Will be fixed in the next rolling release T6411