Clear logs on vyos


Is there anyways to clear the logs on vyos? Same as the cisco router “clear logging”


Hello @terry

This option is currently not available, you can submit a feature request in this link

Thank you.

Hi A.srividya,

Thanks for the info

is there any other ways to Deleted the Logs? delete the files?

accel-ppp/ bootstrap.log faillog messages.2 ntpstats/ telegraf/ vmware-network.5.log vmware-vmsvc.log
alternatives.log btmp frr/ messages.3 openvpn/ user/ vmware-network.6.log vyatta/
alternatives.log.1 btmp.1 lastlog messages.4 private/ vmware-network.1.log vmware-network.7.log wtmp
apt/ conserver/ live/ messages.5 salt/ vmware-network.2.log vmware-network.8.log wtmp.1
atop/ dpkg.log messages mgetty/ squid/ vmware-network.3.log vmware-network.9.log
auth.log dpkg.log.1 messages.1 nginx/ squidguard/ vmware-network.4.log vmware-network.log

these files are located in /var/log path which can be deleted with the linux command

rm -rf /var/log/* or rm -rf /var/log/<file_name>

The files will be recreated if any relevant logs are generated.