Cmake not using all cores

Hi ! Lately I got an interesting issue while building the iso.

From the documentation, I’m trying to build the 1.3 equuleus in a docker container. The build is indeed working, but take a really long time. I’ve found that the make command is only using 100% of one core, when the container has 6 cores allowed.

I’ve tried to do ‘make iso -j 6’, without success.

Did anyone experienced this issue ? Any clue ?


Not sure where ‘Cmake’ comes into play, I assume a typo.

In the case of VyOS make doesn’t compile anything but is used to run commands, like installing and configuring packages. These tasks are sequential and hence don’t run in parallel.

Have a look at the file Makefile you get after you run ./configure .... Lots of cp-ing, creating directories, sed-ing and running scripts.

I never asked myself if these kind of task could run in parallel and maybe some of it could but most probably not. Like installing and configuring packages is a considerable part of it and that has to be sequential.

The mksquashfs process will utilize available cores but thats only a small portion of building the iso (which happens at the end when the chroot is downloaded, setup and configured - the mksquashfs creates the iso from the directory structure).

Also when using the docker container I think it should be possible to limit amount of cores being used (which normally isnt limited).