Commit-archive to FTP server broken after update (VyOS 1.5-rolling)

I have recently updated from VyOS 1.5-rolling-202310120020 to 1.5-rolling-202311160736. The update itself went smoothly without any issues.

But with the new version when I commit any changes, copying the configuration to the archive location fails with the following error message:

Unable to upload “ftp://<…>/config.boot-vpn-hn-hh-01-02.20231117_100016”: str, bytes or bytearray expected, not int

Is there anything I can check or verify before opening a case?

Try manually save

vyos@r4# save 
Possible completions:
  <Enter>				Save to system config file
  <file>				Save to file on local machine
  scp://<user>:<passwd>@<host>:/<file>	Save to file on remote machine
  sftp://<user>:<passwd>@<host>/<file>	Save to file on remote machine
  ftp://<user>:<passwd>@<host>/<file>	Save to file on remote machine
  tftp://<host>/<file>			Save to file on remote machine

A manual save on the FTP server at the same location was successful.

save ftp://[..]/test.cfg

I could open it with a editor to verify it wasn’t broken during transfer.

@Viacheslav: Since it is working in manual copy mode, should I open a task regarding this issue?

Sure open please a bug report

Thanks. I have opened bug report T5774.