Commit-archive via IPv6

Hello everyone!

Do somebody know how to send config-managements commit-archive by IPv6? tried everything and search in web, but no luck.

Thank you for your help!

What is the configuration you have set? I would assume if you use an ipv6 resolvable hostname or an ipv6 ip address it would work.


Thank you for Your quick answer!

I tryed to use this options:


and also:

scp://:@“hostname”/, where “hostname” was in /etc/hostname file and I was able to ping6 it.

But with both configurations it failed to send config.

We found the solution to this:

Add -g parameter to SCP commands in file /etc/commit/post-hooks.d/ row 89 and 103. After this curl is able to correctly parse the url.

for example in version 1.1.8 it looks like this: $cmd = “curl -g -s -S -T $tmp_push_file $uri/$save_file”; (it is twice in script)

Thanks for sharing,
will create bug report with fix

Was fixed here

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