Commit Issue - Rolling 1.3

Hi, guys.

I’m using this version:

Version: VyOS 1.3-rolling-202004270117
Release Train: equuleus

When I try this:

set int eth eth5 disable

I get the following errors:

[ interfaces ethernet eth5 ]
rx unmodified, ignoring
tx unmodified, ignoring
Cannot set device pause parameters: Invalid argument
Cannot change udp-fragmentation-offload
Cannot set new settings: Invalid argument
not setting autoneg
could not set flowcontrol for eth5

Interface Config:

show int eth eth5
hw-id a0:d3:c1:ff:44:d4
smp-affinity auto

This happens, to any ethernet interface.

What could be causing this ?

Does it issue a Commit failed message, or does it actually apply the config?
I think you’re seeing a cosmetic message.

There’s a couple of similar issues:

But I don’t think they’re the same you’ve encountered.

What hardware/virtual platform are you running on?

This is a HP DL360p Gen 8 server. The config is applied, however, these errors are showing…

Please note, this was not happening in version: 1.3-rolling-202003250217

If you have time, it would be great if you could log a Ticket on Phabricator for it.

In this version: 1.3-rolling-202006090117 the problem is almost gone, now all I can see is:

vyos@rt-gre-02# set int eth eth5 address ‘’
vyos@rt-gre-02# commit
[ interfaces ethernet eth5 ]
could not set flowcontrol for eth5


So this is almost solved.

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