Commit time is very long


i have a little trouble with vyos when I commit. My problem is that the commit time is quite long.

I am using vyos version 1.3 rc4 with the following hardware specifications,
PowerEdge R430
2x6 Core, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2603 v3 @ 1.60GHz
32Gb Memory
SSD Sata 120Gb


Hello @maimun.najib,

the commit time depends on the size of your configuration and two the aspect that some parts in VyOS 1.3 still use the old Perl codebase which is not optimized for speed. Without a running config of your system it will be very hard for us to guess the reason but here are two thinks that are known to slow down the system:

  • A lot of BGP peers or policies
  • A lot of Firewall entries

This will all be handled in VyOS 1.4 which already runs an entire new BGP implementation, but Firewall is still something which needs to be done.

Thank For your response,

I have 724 Line Configuration with BGP peers and policies, The commit time that I experience is usually around 1-2 minutes after adding configurations, are there any special instructions or configuration recommendations or specifications so that the commit process is faster?

vyos_config.txt (48.2 KB)

Thank you.

Hello @maimun.najib , would you describe which changes did you add?
If these changes related to pppoe server, it restarts the process. ⚓ T2102 Add Vlan on PPPoE server on Fly

Hi @Dmitry,

any changes, more precisely the addition of the configuration or the addition of a line on my router.