Community Update: New Navigation Banner

Hello Community Members!

We’re excited to announce one upcoming changes to the community. On October 30th, we’ll be introducing minor updates to our banner and navigation menu. These adjustments are aimed at optimizing space on the page. Here’s a sneak peek:

Have a nice day!


While at it, how do I remove that yellow to white animation of posts when I open a thread in a new tab?

Hi @Apachez,

It’s a global setting. I’ll look into the settings to see if there’s an option to disable that animation.


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Hi @Apachez

I’ve removed the highlighted animation.


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Great thanks! :slight_smile:

Another annoying thing:

Post must be at least 20 characters.

@Apachez I’ll look into this as well.

@Apachez – We enforced a 20-character minimum length is to encourage members to provide detailed and valuable contributions. This measure helps discourage spam, unhelpful comments, maintaining the forum’s quality. However, a lower threshold might increase the need for manual moderation. Instances of short and non-substantive comments, such as ‘LOL,’ ‘Okay,’ and ‘Thanks!’ have been observed in other forums. Considering this, I’m proposing to lower the minimum to 10 characters. Let’s have a poll to gather input from other members.

Should we maintain the current 20-character requirement for topic titles and comments, or should we lower it to 10 characters?

  • Keep it as is.
  • Lower it to 10 characters.

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Problem is that not even “Great thanks!” was accepted.

Personally I would go for allow 3 char posts and if there are users who spam posting just “OK!” to everything then those posts can get hidden or deleted.

Or at least 5 chars so a “Thanks” will be accepted (I know that “thanks” is technically 6 characters but still :slight_smile:

Many thanks! :small_smile:

An additional annoyance:

A post must have a minimum of 20 characters.

@roba12 Thank you for your feedback!

@Apachez I’ve disabled the animation.