Compile vyos with the source code of vyos kernel

I hope to compile vyos with the kernel source code of vyos to compile the WiFi network card driver module of 8812au. Please make suggestions.

Now I can’t find the kernel source code in the compiled vyos, so the compilation can’t be completed.

I tried to compile the driver in other Debian, but the module failed to load because the kernel host information did not match. I need a workable way of doing it.

Hello @jack9603301 do you need kernel sources or kernel headers?
I usually build modules in docker container like in README
You can download kernel sources or kernel headers from
and unarchive deb package.
upd:/ Also see instruction as example


Some time ago vyos changed from using its own kernel tree to using the official kernel repo for its builds.
For now there aren’t any instructions for building this yourself, but you could find everything needed in this repo:

The kernel needs a few patches contained inside the vyos-build-kernel repository, and the instructions for building everything is contained inside the Jenkinsfile, as a reference start here: and

In tine there will be an official guid with scripts for building the kernel yourself but this is not complete at this moment. What changes to the kernel do you need to compile with your wifi driver? if it’s just a new module it might be better to ask for that driver in the official release of vyos.