Compiling a kernel V1.1.8

Hi Everyone,

    I know we are not supposed to go compiling a kernel, but in my case I had no choice.  We are presently moving

from vyatta to vyos and we need to have a certain driver in the kernel. We needed to have the most recent i40e
module. Older versions of the i40e do not work with the card that we have. I used the stock version of the kernel,
using the same kernel number as what is in v1.1.8. I was able to download the source file of the driver from Intel.
I successfully compiled a kernel turning off the i40e that comes with the kernel. And it ran. I then compiled the
driver against the kernel I had compiled. Everything went well and the router worked. I did receive this error in
the log file:
vyos bgpd[1879]: SLOW THREAD: task bgp_scan_timer (7f5b9ac17d50) ran for 7695ms (cpu time 7355ms)
However the BGP session was stable, so I don’t know why the error.
Now I just successfully built a vyos V2.1. The default i40e driver works with our card, so I hope to move to
2.1 as soon as it becomes stable.