Config review, as-path-list regex and prepend .... :(

Config review

Hello all,

I’ve migrate an old version of vyatta (6.5) to the latest VyOS.
Since many months, we have a probleme with my bgp peer.

I reviewed the conf but i dont find where the problem is.

I’ve my AS and have 2 bgp peer with 2 operators.
If someone can help me to understand …

  1. How i can correctly write regex field in as-path-list.
    After many search, i find this way to write them “^xxxx_” but i’m not sure that really works fine.
    But, in this case, how can i write the regex for my second peer ?
    i can’t use the same way because the 2nd peer isn’t my favorite out.

  2. How i can prioritiez/force all the out traffic to my favorite AS.
    Same reflexion as the first question, is the as-path-list really used to make out priority.

  3. How i can prioritize/force a part of specifique traffic to an AS
    I’ve 2 class of ip adress with 2 sites. How can i dispatch one class on one site and the other and the second site.
    Actually, the both is on the same router

I can copy/past my conf if i can help you