Configuration sync with HA

I’ve been using VyOS in my home lab for a bit and want to now put it through it’s paces in a HA cluster to see how well it works. So I’ve installed VyOS on two identical old checkpoint firewalls to test with.

How are you, or even are you syncing the firewall config from master to slave? I’m coming from pfSense where it works quite well, all firewall changes are made on the master and instantly replicate to the slave via the sync interface.

Is there any such thing on VyOS that I just haven’t found, or are you manually making every change on both firewalls?


currently there is nothing like config sync. Personal i run 2 in Cluster mode and wenn i change a firewall rule or something which is identical on both i write the command on my local machine in a text editor and copy it to both machines.

Or you can take a look at ansible.