Configure VyOS NAT with VRF


I installed VyOs and tried to setup it with VRF and NAT to achieve the following:

PC 0 need to communicate with PC1 and PC2
ETH1 and PC1 are set on VRF (“Ernie”)
ETH2 and PC2 are set on VRF (“Bert”)
ETH0 is a fixed IP (I can control if needed to be in X or Y subnet)
How do I setup a NAT to allow ETH0 to communicate with PC1 and PC2?

You would need to setup destination and source NAT with different NAT IPs for each ones to uniquely identify which PC you’re trying to connect to. I’m presuming you’ve simplified the diagram but the layer 2 domains need to be distinct as well such as on different VLANs if on the same LAN or through different tunnels where you’re doing routing as well.