Configuring L2VPN EVPN VXLAN in FRR

I see FRR 7.2 in release 1.2.4, but I can not find any information about configuring EVPN address family in BGP and using that for L2 NLRI between VTEPs. Is this supported in VyOS, and is there any documentation?


EVPN is not supported yet in the vyos, for now only manually configured P2P VXLAN tunnels are supported.
it’s on the todo list, but i don’t think it will be here until after the FRR parser is rewritten.

Is it possible to manually configure FRR to get this working?

In theory it is possible to configure it manually using vtysh commands, BUT you need to make sure your config is imported again on reload because the configuration is not saved on reload(post-boot config script or something might help). and it might be overwritten when commiting new config as the configuration engine might reapply config.

@runar @JDL Even if I configure evpn using vtysh how do I disable mac learning on vxlan iface so that it does not broadcast arp?