Configuring listen-address for service snmp will result in a warning during commit


The following warning will be displayed during commit:

WARNING: SNMP listen address “” not configured!

However using “netstat -atunp” verifies that the snmp process do listen to (and after the commit with the warning.

Workaround is to remove listen-address.

The output of “netstat -atunp” will then show that snmp process binds to

Config example of section snmp:

snmp {
community TEST {
authorization ro
contact TEST
listen-address {
port 161
location TEST
vrf MGMT

Using version VyOS 1.4-rolling-202306290317

Create account at and submit bug report.

Have you configured this address on any interface?

Yes I already have:

ethernet eth0 {
description MGMT
hw-id < REMOVED >
vrf MGMT

I didn’t notice you were using VRF.

I can confirm that version 1.4-rolling-202306260317 has the same warning when using VRF.

I have created new bug report: