Connectivity between 2 VyOS Routers

I have a VirtualBox on which I have loaded 2 instances of VyOS as VyOS-R1 & VyOS-R2. I have a GNS3 to which VirtualBox is configured & connected.

In GNS3, I directly connect the 2 VyOS-R1 & VyOS-R2 and spin them up & I could see them pinging each other. However, if I inter-connect them with an ‘Ethernet Switch’ (with only default switch config i.e. all 8 ports belonging to VLAN 1), then the connectivity goes off.

I did a GNS3 packet capture on the link between R1 & Switch and did a ‘monitor interface’ on R2. When I ping from R1 to R2, the ARP requests is sent out of R1, reaches R2 & the ARP response is seen as egress (or displayed as if attempting to egress) from R2 but these ARP responses are not seen in the the Wireshark (only R1’s requests similar to monitor interface on R2).

I tried to connect a Cisco Router to the ‘Ethernet Switch’ & the VyOS Routers were able to ping it.

I don’t think this is a GNS3 issue. Can there be something happening in VyOS that it sends ARP response out of its interface only if the ARP requestor (if is another VyOS Router) is directly connected to it?

of course there is nothing like that in VyOS (will be stupid for router)
so it’s likely in gns

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