Container basic questions

I am expecting a new R86S-N100 soon that will be replacing my current Mikrotik router for the home lab. I am preparing the configuration on a vm running latest rolling release. For now, I only have one interface configured in DHCP mode.

I’ve added powerdns-server 4.6 container and need help with two things:

  1. To get to the container services, I have to use allow-host-networks option (it listens on port 5300)
  2. What kind of permission do I need to set the host directory so the container can write to it as the only way I got it to work is setting it to 777

When I look at the Zabbix example in the documentation, it looks pretty simple:

  1. Create network
  2. Create container
  3. Set port forwarding

Is there anything else that needs to be done?

Thank in advance for your help.

I guess you need to know what uid/gid the process runs inside the container and set mount folder to the same?

(Don’t have much experience from podman but I assume it’s the same as for docker)

I was kind of expecting that since we cannot set uid and guid in the configuration that it would be the same for every container. My bad :slight_smile:

Finally found some podman troubleshooting document and followed the path to pdns:x:953:953.

Setting gid to 953 permitted me to remove the world readable access. Containers are great but they are still eluding me.