Create a vmware VM from a running Vyos

Hello. I’m hoping someone could point me in the right direction.
I want to virtualize a running Vyos into VMware ESXi. Lately I’ve done this successfully for several Linux and windows OS versions, but I can’t seem to use VMware vCenter Converter on VyOS.

I get “Unable to query the live source machine” after getting the fingerprint (SSH connection is successfullly established - checked with wireshark).

Has anyone done this?

Why not save config, install a new VyOS instance in VM and restore the config?

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I can do that, but I want to minimize downtime of that server to the minimum possible, even less that using that option.

Not sure if I do understand you correctly, you want to create a template? You will have to sanitize templates as you may know, it would be a very bad idea to have multiple routes using the same ssh keys :).

Hi. Not really. I just wanted an effortless migration, such as the previous I’ve done with physical OS running Oracle Linux using vcenter converter standalone.
I just would like to know why it fails with this particular linux distribution (vyos).

what are the steps you are performing? What are the error messages, if any? What the is the expected result and what is the current result?

The error message is from vcenter standalone converter and I wrote that in the post.
I’m just curious if anyone has ever performed a vyos conversion to vmware, so that I could do the same. if not, no problem, I’ll just copy the config.boot.