Create local repo mirror

Is it possible to set a local Vyos package repo ? I’ve tried using apt-mirror with several different incantations in the mirror.list config (eg “deb equuleus main”), but am unable to get this to work (works fine with Debian repo though).

I did this a number of years ago, but the repo URL appears to have changed. Does anybody know the correct configuration to get this to work ?

the build process uses this repo
deb equuleus main
I’d try mirroring that.


This is exactly what I did. I notice that when attempting to access the repo via the link in a browser, I get 403/forbidden (unlike similarly accessing a Debian repo). I also notice that if I access the root URL in a browser, I get a graphical representation of the repo structure which will take me to the repo contents, but the resulting URL includes repo location as parameters, not path (eg repositories/equuleus •, which is not accepted by apt-mirror.