Creation of vyos vrouter vm using kubevirt


We are trying to create a VyOS VM over Kubevirt using an image created via DockerFile. The contents of the docker file are as follows:
FROM kubevirt/cirros-registry-disk-demo
ADD VYOS /disk

Here, we are mounting the Vyos iso over a cirros image. Tried logging in using virtctl utility and was able to login. But this login was for cirros image.

Furthermore, after typing login command in this VM console prompts for providing username:password. vyos:vyos is not working.

Is there any this is achievable?

Hello @shubhangi which tree you build? command git branch

Hi @Dmitry

I have used the following build: crux while trying to run container over Kubernetes

Yes, I think currently exist problem in crux, we trying reproduce and fix this issue. You can try build current tree.

Another thing, we are trying to create VM.

@shubhangi can you try build again, I think issue was fixed by new commit 3afe79d66a7bccc834f145847208cfe841d4b6e7