Current relation or correlation between rolling-, crux- and testing (rc) versions?



The 1.2.0-rc versions are the milestones to stable 1.2.0. But where does the newest fixes go to? To next rc- and latest rolling release? Are all fixes in rc3 also in latest rolling?Will the latest rolling be the next rc4? What are the versions in crux directory for?
One example: T359 is fixed in 1.2.0-rc1, is it also fixed in latest rolling vyos-1.2.0-rolling+201810230337?

Some clarification would be really appriciated.



All fixes and features going to master
Not all features but most of fixes than go to crux, that is future LTS release
RCs are snapshots from crux repo


ok thanks. So master is current in How often is crux build?


no specific schedules or ETAs, once tests and fixes happens another RC released
maybe weekly ± 1 week or so