Ddclient rfc2136 DynamicDns AAAA Record VyOS 1.4 rolling

The current configuration environment doesn’t seem to have a mechanism for configuring ddclient to do ipv6 AAAA records pursuant to rfc2136. The included ddclient will do it if the config is manually changed from “use=if, if=eth0” to “usev6=if, if=eth0”, so it does (sort of) work. Unfortunately the current implementation of ddclient doesn’t seem to work for doing ipv4 A records and ipv6 AAAA records simultaneously.

I’ve seen some patches for ddclient that allow it to work for A and AAAA records for some other services, but not nsupdate. Also, I haven’t played with modifying the VyOS configurator any at all, but I’d be willing to look into this if no one else is currently investigating it. So the question is, is anyone already working on this?