Ddclient's interaction with dyndns "considered abusive"

I’m using ddclient to update my dyndns account. Checking the logs, I am noticing two kinds of warnings from update:

Aug 01 19:56:07 ddclient[5634]: WARNING: updating XXXXXXXXXXXX: nochg: No update required; unnecessary attempts to change to the current address are considered abusive

Aug 01 20:05:10 ddclient[5804]: WARNING: Wait at least 5 minutes between update attempts.

Regarding the second issue, /run/ddclient/ddclient.conf can be modified and increase the “daemon” option from 1m to 30m; although this change does not survive the reboot and it has to be manually applied after every reset.

Regarding the first issue, that would seem like a bug in ddclient or its configuration - surely it ought to know what the previous IP address was and what the current one is and determine whether it needs to ping the dynamic DNS server at all.

I’m running “Version: VyOS 1.4-rolling-202306210317” FWIW

My configuration:

# show service dns dynamic
 address web {
     service dyndns {
         password "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
         protocol dyndns2
         username XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Hi @signbit,

the latter warning has been fixed in dns: T4353: fix warning "Wait at least 5 minutes between update attem… · vyos/vyos-1x@5f34dfc · GitHub

Hi @signbit, can you please confirm if you have dual-stack?

FWIW, I just notices that I still see the issue even after the fix @c-po applied. I do have some ideas on how to mitigate this. But just wanted to capture some more data points.