Default GW for /32

Hi guys,

I have an issue right now where my current provider does not support MAC address resolution due to some proprietary back-end network software.

This means if I have as server one, and as server two, they cannot talk to each other. If I have and, they can communicate without issue.

Unfortunately if I leave eth0 as DHCP and it receives the /32, it seems to not be able to use the gateway because it is outside of the /32 range (single IP).

Right now, the only way around this is configure each interface as a /24 but add a static route so that if the destination is, it should use as the default gateway.

Additionally, if I manually set the router eth0 external address as, it seems to not add as a default gateway for out-going traffic. To get around this, I’ve had to switch to root (sudo su -) and run

Unfortunately it seems that upon a reboot, this route-add for the default-gw seems to not be persistent and disappears.

Additionally (yes, again) after setting the IP address:

It seems to save to the routing table as

Destination        gateway 

…Instead of…

Destination        gateway 

Any clue what’s going on here?[/code]

It should not be an issue to set it as a /24, Thereafter, set up the default static route.

set protocols static route next-hop