Dell R330 Installation Problems

Hello ,

I have purchase 4 Dell R330 Servers for an installation and it seems that i have problems with the installation. Im using iDRAC for remote console and i have mount the installation CD also from iDRAC . It start booting and after a while i take the below error

Boot Failed
This VyOS image failed to boot
Live-initramfs will now start a shell . The error message was :

Unable to find a medium containing a live file system .

Any ideas please ?


it will not work with 1.1.x
you may want to try 1.2 from here VyOS Community

Yes it is working with this version . As this is not a stable version , do you thing that it is safe to go production with this ?


I’ve started running rolling in production for us. Nothing heavy duty, but I’ve not encountered any bugs. At least not ones that weren’t also in 1.1.8, like setting the syslog port.

Thanks for all your help

Hello all ,

Any 100% compatible 10G dual port NIC ? I have some with qualcom chip set but i have read that they have a lot of problems .


go with intel nics, it´s mostly safe

you could also install 1.2 and the add 1.1.8 as a system image and boot to that
add system image VyOS Community
I have two servers in production using the Intel x552 nics and i haven’t had any issues, with 11 virtual routers running. One has been up 168 days since i made them.

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