Deny ip range on BGP

Hello guys,

I have a strange think in the last 2 days, someone added ower AS to an ip range 89.41.XX.XX/24 on the BGP infos on internet it shows even the range mentioned but on ower router the range dose not exist cuz we dont have anythink with it, is not owers.

Is there a way to deny this ? Create a prefix-list / route-map with the range mentioned and instad of permit to but deny ?

Thank you

I’m sorry I don’t understand quite what you’re asking.

Do you want to filter your BGP Sessions with an upstream to not learn that /24?
Are you the victim of a BGP Hijack? (Someone else annoucing your /24)

It sounds like you want to filter routes you’re learning and to drop a specific prefix, which yes, Vyos can do. This previous forum post provides a pretty good clear example.

I’m not sure if I’ve helped though because I’m sorry it’s not clear to me what you’re trying to do :slight_smile: