Deploying Vyos in Digital ocean

Hi Team,

Is there a way to deploy vyos is Digital ocean? I dont see that vyos is listed in Digital ocean market place.

Or if not is there any other alternative by which we can install vyos in digital ocean?

Hello @blason

To deploy VyOS, you need a .qcow (qemu) image. Next, load it into the Custom image and install Droplet.

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So while deploying the vyos qcow image wondering how many interfaces should I take for cloud? Frontend/backend? I never have deployed in cloud hence wondering the same.

Hello @blason

During deploy droples in the DigitalOcean cloud, one interface is created that receives a public address. You can also set up a vpc network if you plan to have your own network infrastructure in the cloud. If you have configured vpc then you will have two interfaces.

I created a vyos image on my local vmware which has two bridged interfaces. Then create vmdk image.
I uploaded on digital ocean image, created droplet out of it - However I am unable to access it via ssh neither the droplet is accessible via inside vpc

Hello @blason

To connect via ssh you need settings. DigitalOcean does not configure IP addresses on interfaces.
To configure the VyOS router in DigitalOcean you need to go to the Recovery Console and configure the IP address on the interfaces.

set interfaces ethernet eth0 address <public address*>
set interfaces ethernet eth1 address <vpc address*>
set protocols static route next-hop <public gateway*>
set service ssh port '22'

*You can see the IP addresses in the Networking section of your Droplet

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Thanks - This resolved and I did exactly what is given.

Much appreciated for your help :slight_smile: