Destination NAT not working?

Hey guys, it’s my first post here so hello :slight_smile: Oh, and happy new year.

I’m having an issue trying to get RDP Dest NAT working to a specific computer through vyos.

So my config is this:

ISP router port forwarding 3389 to vyos on

vyos has 2 interfaces as below:

eth1 -
eth2 -

Server is on

Below is the config which looks right to me but it’s just not working, your help is much appreciated:

[code]vyos@vyOS# show
description RDP
destination {
port 3389

inbound-interface eth0
protocol tcp
source {
port 3389
translation {

you need to remove source from your dst. rule

Hi, thanks but that didn’t work. :frowning:

Ok so I fixed it and it works flawlessly, basically I had the rule completely screwed.

In case it helps anyone else I had to change to below, setting to listen on any interface and setting the translation address to where I wanted it to go, not destination address, destination address should be the address of the vyos router itself.

rule 5 { description RDP destination { address port 3389 } inbound-interface any protocol tcp source { } translation { address port 3389