Dhcp leases not shown

Just upgraded to VyOS 1.5-rolling-202401230024

After reboot, the DHCP server wouldn’t start because I had the same IP address in two static mappings by mistake. ISC dhcpd apparently didn’t mind, but KEA failed to start.
Would be nice if the migration script had found it for me, but it was ultimately an error in my config.

But now, when I run show dhcp server leases it either lists very few or no leases, even though I know devices are getting IP addresses.

It looks like the output is coming from /config/dhcp/dhcp4-leases.csv
There are more leases listed in /config/dhcp/dhcp4-leases.csv.2, and a quick glance seems to indicate these leases are also active.

I guess KEA does some kind of rotating of the leases file and vyos needs to read all of them to correctly list all active leases.

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Seems to have been fixed in dhcpv6-server: T5992: Fix op-mode DHCP lease output + updates by sarthurdev · Pull Request #2998 · vyos/vyos-1x · GitHub

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