DHCP overlap error message is printed incorrectly

I was configuring DHCP on my router (running saggita rolling, built yesterday) and got this message:

This looks suspiciously like python f-strings.

Sure enough, line 250 of dhcp_server.py is missing the f before the string:

Hi @ramblurr which rolling release are you using?

Can you please share your configuration?

Hi @a.hajiyev

As for the config, I don’t have it anymore, but it was something simple where a shared-network-name subnet overlapped with another one.

This isn’t a support request, but a bug report. I linked exactly to the code that needs fixing so that vyos gives the right error message.

Thanks! New bug report created: ⚓ T5105 DHCP Server - Wrong error message

Thanks @n.fort . In the future should I submit bug reports directly to the tracker or here on the forum?

Always better to submit bug reports and feature request in vyos.dev.
PR are only merged if they are linked to a task in vyos.dev

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