DHCP-relay between different LANs


Hello all!

I am working on a project at school, which has given me a bit of speculation.

I am currently running Vyatta 6.6R1 on my routers, and I have a network setup shown in the attached pdf file.

You can see my config files on both routers aswell.

The problem persist of these problems:

No DHCP IP adresses given to the users in the from my Windows 2008R2 dhcp server on the network.

I have implemented a ipsec site to site vpn between the two networks, and the tunnel status is active.

Can anyone give me a hint of what might be wrong in my config?

Could it be some dhcp-relay options I haven’t set?

Thanks for reading!



See Services_6.5R1_v01.pdf, but you probably need to add

set service dhcp-relay interface eth1.171
set service dhcp-relay interface eth1.172


Thank you for the answer Carl!

This might be useful, although I believe I have already tried the suggestion you came up with.

I might have to try it again.

Again - thank you for your answer! :slight_smile: