DHCP relay, uplink interface

I’ve been experimenting with DHCP-relay, following this guide: DHCP Relay — VyOS 1.4.x (sagitta) documentation

show service dhcp-relay
    interface eth1
    relay-options {
       relay-agents-packets discard

To get the example above to work, I also had to add interface eth2 to the configuration.

An article on EdgeOS states:

Add all interfaces that should participate in the DHCP Relay process, including the uplink port to the DHCP server.

Is this true also for VyOS? My configuration started working when I included the uplink interface at least. Should I update the documentation?

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I think you are right.
ISC-DHCP relay requires you to specify both downlink and uplink interfaces
It would be great if you could update the documentation

Thanks for the response, I’ll update the documentation :slight_smile:


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