Dhcp-relay with cluster


Is the dhcp-relay function supported with a cluster? I’m experimenting with VYOS in a small lab environment, and have two VYOS virtual machines configured as a cluster, routing traffic between three subnets. The cluster works correctly for IP routing, but when I try to add dhcp-relay service to the cluster as in ‘set cluster group mycluster service dhcp-relay’ it says “not a valid service name” when I try to commit.

I tried setting up dhcp-relay directly on each cluster member as if there was no cluster, but this did not work.
Hoping I’m just missing something. There is not much documentation available on the WIKI regarding cluster configuration.

Thanks in advance…


So I determined that if I execute the command ‘run restart dhcp relay-agent’ on both routers after they have booted and the cluster has come online, then the dhcp relay agent works correctly with the cluster. However, If I reboot either router, the relay agent stops working on that router until I restart the relay-agent again.
I found the article on command scripting, so maybe I can automate this command to run a few minutes after startup. But does anyone know a better solution per my original post?