Dhcp-server issue with custom option code VyOS 1.5

Hello !

I have deskphone behind VyOS 1.5-rolling-202403180024, and I need to add DHCP option 160 in the DHCP server (like “Option 160 http://phoneprovisionning.net/provision”).

It seems because of moving to Kea DHCP server, VyOS 1.5 doesn’t let us for now to define custom DHCP code.

By the past, in 1.4.x such option was available, according to : DHCP-server option 242 - Configuration file errors encountered - #4

set service dhcp-server global-parameters 'option option-242 code 242 = string;'
set service dhcp-server shared-network-name NET01 subnet x.x.x.0/24 subnet-parameters 'option option-242 "HTTPSRVR=10.xx.xx.2,TLSSRVR=10.xx.xx.2";'

Is there a way to implement this feature, or maybe I’m wrong and I didn’t correctly understand the CLI options ?

Thank you !

Option 160 is mapped to option captive-portal as per RFC for that option code.

Can you try set that CLI node to your provision URL and see if that works?

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In this case, indeed it works ! Thank you,

But I have also Ruckus access point which needs option 43 for controller IP,
and others devices which needs option 120 (SIP servers), 134 (DiffServ VoIP for phones), and 135 (HTTP Proxy for phones)…

So, it would be better if we were able to manually enter customs codes, what do you think?

If you can, open a feature request for custom options on https://vyos.dev